10 August 2014

For Goodness Shakes - Chocolate & Strawberry (Tesco) [review by @NLi10]

As part of my new fitness regime I've been trying lots of shakes and potions to see if I can make the exercise hurt less.

This one was just sitting on the supermarket shelf all innocently, and I consumed the left hand one precisely one hour before the the training started.

The first thing we did was 130 squats - this isn't how you like to start things...

They hurt (I did them all but a bit smaller than normal) but I managed them non the less. The rest of the exercise was mostly acrobatics which I'm less capable of but hurt less.

The recovery was much better this time though, I could sit on seats without massive discomfort this time. This was a pleasure. Whether this was wholely due to the magical drink I'm not sure.

The flavour was much nicer than the nourishment can, the texture was that of a deluxe milkshake and it went down nicely.  I plan to buy more of these and to continue to experiment with their effects.

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Anonymous said...

You should look into getting a tub of protein rather than buying individual bottles, you'll make a better saving and you won't get the added rubbish that is contained within the supermarket bottles..

22 grams of sugar in a single bottle of this stuff. Very counter productive to your workout.