4 July 2014

Kit Kat Chunky Orange (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

I kept seeing adverts for this bar linking it to the football with a line about half-time oranges,so I though I better find myself one to actually try. It's not the most impressive link to the world cup, and to be fair the branding of the bar itself doesn’t go down this route so perhaps I shouldn’t judge it on that.
When I got the bar home though it did feel awfully familiar. Orange Kit Kat does sound like it has been done before, and low and behold a quick check and it has, back in 2012. It was one of the flavours that came out in the competition to try and find a new flavour for the UK, and it didn’t win then. You would have through that it would have gone down better with the British public, but it lost out to Peanut Butter. Kit Kat obviously know best and re-released it anyway for us to re-try.
I can’t argue that I don’t like the bar, I do like orange and chocolate together. It has a good balance of sweetness and zesty orange flavour, which works nicely with the milk chocolate. Part of me thinks it is a good new bar for the UK as it already feels like it is standard and has been around for ages. In terms of product development though it doesn’t score very highly.
Way back when the Kit Kat Chunky bars were fairly new out here, and before I started blogging even, I remember the flavours used to be more exciting. For example I distinctly remember there being a fab ‘Editions’ version with Mango and passionfruit that was just out of this world. Anyone else remember it? Can’t we have more of that again, something a bit different and a bit special?
By Cinabar

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