3 July 2014

Glastonbury Festivals - Food Highlights 2014! [Review by @NLi10] @pieminister @BrothersCider

I was at the Glastonbury Festivals all of last week and took a few pictures of foods and snacks that I got while I was there.  Here is a summary of the more normal ones, with some other write ups to follow.

First up - the site is a dairy farm for the rest of the year so has plenty of fresh milk available.  While it's £1 for a pint (instead of for 2 litres back home) the convenience and freshness of it all is well worth it.  I tried to have one a day, but missed a few as we were on the opposite side of the site from the shops.

One thing that was on our side of the site was Brothers Bar - home of the now commercially available Festival Strength Pear Cider.  There are now 3 variations on the festival cider (strawberry, toffee apple and lemon) and the plain version (which is still nice).

We went for strawberry and for lemon.  I think we chose well, but it made me far too sleepy with the shifts I'd been working for Oxfam so I didn't go back for a second pint later in the week.  This is the least Brothers Cider I have drunk at the festival in years!  They have stopped selling the 2 litre bottles which means there is a lot less waste plastic in the field.  I didn't feel the need to have a years worth of cider in 7 days now I have the bottles at home in the cupboard and this can only be a positive thing.

What I was drinking instead was water (it's free!) and lots of fruit based things that the stalls had on offer - many of which we've already reviewed but some of the more quirky ones deserve their own write up later.  I saw more people drinking coconut water than I'd ever expected to see - is it really that fashionable now?  Note the Cawston Press goodies - happy to see these in the wild.

And to go with this - Pieminister of course!  In the golden days this was practically next to the Brothers Bar and they both fed off each other.  Now the Pies are next to the main stage and a really inconvenient walk for techno hippies like me, but massively popular non the less.  They were the only stall with a queue and it really didn't take long to get served at all so that's all happy customers.

In our solitary single visit my partner and I got a Heidi (goat cheese) and I got the Hope & Glory beer /meat one (without the potato).  Both were amazingly good for festival food, and up to the standard of those you'd get in a Pieminister shop.

If you are trying to only buy one big meal a day like we did as students at the festival then this sort of thing is the holy grail.  As a grown up though I made many visits to other stalls and had things like Argentinean steak strips, pulled pork and apple burgers (in a diner in a plane no less) and plenty of complementary meals from the Oxfam tent we were working for.

Anyone who says festival food/drink is bad is clearly going to the wrong festivals or stalls!

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