27 July 2014

sBlended Milkshakes, Glasgow - Full Monty [review by @NLi10]

I'm having a weekend in Glasgow due to the Commonwealth Games (I've no tickets but family were coming up so I took advantage of the accommodation and company to explore this fantastic city).  While waiting for a custom made baby present to be finished I spotted this little drinks shop - which I'd not heard of but presume is a chain.  It took me a while to figure out the name...

It's just a little 'mall kiosk' style shop but has a staggering array of choices so I let the man guide my choices towards the Full Monty, which is choc fudge brownie, caramel sauce and Minstrels on top. 

The minstrels looked fab through the top and all that, but I ended up eating them all at the end due to them sinking. I'd have blended 80% of them a little and then put the rest on top for decor.

The brownie was great, offering cakey sludge occasionally through the straw and sweet flavour spikes, the caramel sauce ended up more as a background flavour - but a nice one. The minstrels sank and were less sweet so provided a weak finish.

The drink was satisfying and ended up being lunch, but was so sweet that I actually refused free organic chocolate tasters off another stall!

Those with more adventurous spirits would probably be better off customising their own flavour from the individual options, and now I've had a think I can see some great strawberry based ideas, but for speed the 'top 10' all seem pretty special.

One to look out for then, especially in the heat.

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