8 July 2014

Lime and Black Pepper Crisps (@KettleChipsUK) (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

This bright green bad from Kettle Chips contains their new Limited Edition seasonal flavour. The flavour is Lime and Black Pepper so it sounds rather new and different too, and a nice change for the brand.
I opened up the bag and the aroma was mostly that of pepper and vinegar, I could’t help noticing that the crisps were speckled with black pepper and as such the seasoning was far more present visually than usual. We shared them out one lunch time, accompanying an array of goodies with sandwiches; specialty cheese, fiery coleslaw, and Italian Stuffed Cherry Peppers amongst other things.
The flavour from the crisps was rather impressive. The lime did shine through, giving these a zesty finish, and some slight sourness from the vinegar too. There was a hint of sweetness, but the main flavory was the black pepper, it was spicy and gave the crisps a nice contrasting warmth. The heat lingered for a little while even after you’d finished each crisp, long after the lime taste had disappeared.
Texture wise these are the usual thick cut crunchy you’d expect from Kettle Chips. They have a nice bite to them, without being too hard. That in combination with the summery fresh new flavour made these some seriously tasty crisps. I expect these would be perfect served up with a barbecue as they would complement all the meaty tastes rather well.
By Cinabar

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