15 July 2014

Tyrrells Cotswold Brie & Bacon Crisps (Brown and Green, Trentham Gardens) [By @Cinabar]

We had another fab day looking around Trentham Gardens and retreated in the afternoon, when the rain started, to a fab grocery shop there: Green and Brown. This a lovely place to go hunting for Foodstuff Finds as it has such good selections of interesting items. We picked up several goodies and found varieties of products we hadn’t seen before, like these crisps. The Brie and Bacon Tyrrells don’t have a “New” label on them, but it isn’t a flavour I have come across before, so I couldn’t resist picking them up, I love meaty flavoured crisps.
When I opened up the packet of crisps there was a nice bacon smell which boded well. The texture of the crisps was quite firm and crunchy, which gives the impression of them being posh! They certainly felt satisfying to eat too. The taste was quite something, it was salty but the bacon shone through. The cheese was a nice creamy but rich aftertaste, and it had the distinct taste of Brie which was rather nice. It was a musty cheese taste, but it was nice that it did indeed taste of Brie rather than the usual generic “crisp cheese” flavour, although the specification of it being from the Cotswold was lost on me! :-D.
In all the flavour was quite strong, and the bacon would have been very slightly too salty for me if it was on its own. The cheese was there to bring balance, and made the difference in flavour, without it I wouldn’t have liked them nearly so much as I did.
Many things went in the grocery basket from that grocers in Trentham Gardens, so do keep your eyes open for the other goodies we picked up over the next week or so.
By Cinabar

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