24 July 2014

Chicago Town - The TakeAway BBQ Sizzler [review by @NLi10]

Stuffed crust pizzas tend to evade me as I really don't enjoy cheese that much.  So when I saw this - I had to have one.

Look - the crust is stuffed with BBQ sauce!

Of cours - I actually took this picture to highlight the fact that eating this whole pizza is 88% of your days calories, 92% of your fat, 180% of your saturated fat and so on.  Luckily my actual required calories on my little FitBit app is closer to 2,400 due to the amount of walking and things that I do, but still - if you intend to not share the pizza you may want to consider this.

I didn't share the pizza.

The stuffed crust has exploded open, which is cool as it kinda teaches you how to make your own (fold the edge over - partial calzone!) and allows us to see the sauce inside.  It's a thicker paste than the usual tomato base, but the flavour wasn't all that strong.

The pizza was very filling, and had that baked at home taste you expect from the part baked bases.  I'd choose this again easily, but the flavours of all the bits were less take away/restaurant than I'd hoped.  It's a decent eat-at-home pizza but anyone expecting a papaJohns pizza will be disappointed.

The sauce and the toppings did go well together and the fact that there is a different item in the crust was a massive plus.  I think that a chicken topped one with a  garlic crust would be insanely good, and if they tweaked the quality of the ingredients up a bit and charged more I'd be overall more likely to pick it up.

As it is it's a great sharing pizza, and one I'll manage to eat again as long as I promise to train a bit harder that week...

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