21 July 2014

New Calippo - Bubble Gum Flavour (@Walls #GoodbyeSerious) [By @Cinabar]

We have just come back from a rather sunny week away in Portsmouth. We decided to have a look at the submarine museum, and had a tour on HMS Alliance which was interesting and fascinating. On our walk back to the ferry port we thought we would eat ice creams while we walked by the seaside. We popped into a small cafe near there and I stubbled across this Foodstuff Find, the new bubble gum flavoured Calippo. The photo shows the rather pretty tablecloth in the cafe, but as I said we were eating and walking after that so didn’t get chance to stay.
The ice lolly itself was a bright pinky purple in colour, and not the blue I had expected, for some reason I associate it with the blue colour, despite bubble gum being more commonly pink, or is that just me? The lolly pushes up as you eat, easing a little more upwards till you work your way through to the end. You then get to drink anything that has melted at the bottom, my favourite part.
The flavour was ever so sweet, but distinctively that of bubble gum (someone once told me that bubble gum flavour was a mix of orange, vanilla and wintergreen, but I’ve never really experimented to test the theory). It certainly appealed to the kid in me, with its fruity but soft sweet taste. The flavour was strong, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would happily buy it again. It is meant to for the kids, but those who are young at heart and have a sweet tooth will still love it. It didn’t however turn my tongue bright purple, I asked Spectre to check, which was a bit disappointing but probably meant I looked a bit more respectable when we went off for afternoon tea in the Spinnaker Tower.
By Cinabar

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