18 July 2014

Drink Me Chai - Mango (Brown and Green, Trentham Gardens)

I have got quite into my Chai drinks recently, and I have tried various different brands. While we were in Brown and Green (a grocers at Trentham Gardens) I spotted a new flavour that looked rather different, mango chai. It is from the Drink Me Chai range which means that it is an instant hot drink rather than tea bags. I couldn’t quite picture how a tropical fruit would mix with Chai spices and a milk base, but one thing was for sure I was keen to find out.
Once home I added the three teaspoons to a mug and topped it up with hot water. The tub says you can make the drink with hot milk, but I chose the water out of convenience. The powder seemed to dissolve fairly quickly, but the minute I stopped stirring you could see specks of powder on the top of the drink. I gave it a subsequent stir and it looked a lot better, it was arich golden colour.
My first sip of this instantly got me hooked. The spices were mild, but just gave the drink a bit of warmth, and the mango was sweet and fruity. The milk base made this feel like a hot mango milkshake, it shouldn’t work, but it certainly did. All that tropical fruit flavour meant that this fell into my category of hot drinks that are good for summer, yes you serve it warm but the fruity aspect made it ever so refreshing. It is certainly something I’ll be searching out again to repurchase.
If you are after a tub yourself and don’t live near Trentham Gardens, it is available on Amazon UK site or the Drink Me Chai website.
By Cinabar

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