9 July 2014

Maoam Pinballs Tropical Flavour (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

There were two colours of these Pinballs in the bag which were yellow and green. There was also an image of a cheerful footballer and goal on the front of the bag, so I suspect these chewy sweets were World Cup themed. The yellow chewy balls were pineapple flavour, whereas the green balls were lime flavour. There was also a friendly warning on the front of the bag stating that these balls have a "zingly tingly centre". I do like sour chewy sweets and sour gums. I took it that "zingly tingly" meant that these chewy sweets had a sour centre, but how sour? There was only one way to find out...

I really had to bite into these chewy sweets to release their flavour, but the clue was in their description. I first tried the yellow sweets and noticed the slight beeswax coating on their outside. On chewing there was an immediate fruity taste of pineapple followed by a zing from the sour flavour. Not a face twisty zing, but certainly a good waker-upper. The green flavour had the same beeswax coating, followed by a fruity sour lime flavour on first chew which quickly turned into a face twisty sour lemon flavour. This sour lemon flavour was reminiscent of fizzy cloudy lemonade that's always so refreshing in summertime. I really enjoyed these sour chewy sweets, they felt healthy having some fruit and plant concentrates in their ingredients, and they had a very refreshing feel to them. I'd certainly have them again and hope that they are not just limited to the duration of the World Cup.

Information on the bag;
160g bag, and at 100g have 408 calories, with 5.1g of fat and 70g of sugar. There were no artificial colours in the ingredients (see photograph).
By Spectre

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paulham said...

Remind yourself never to apply for a job at the Food Standards Agency!

"...they felt healthy having some fruit and plant concentrates in their ingredients..."

The sugar, glucose syrup and palm fat should sort out any "healthy" feelings.