18 November 2014

New Jus-Rol Cinnamon Rolls (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

For those of you who know about my love of cinnamon it will come as no surprise that Cinnamon Rolls are my favourite pastry. Jus-Rol have launched a new easy bake version so I picked up a pack from the supermarket, (where I found it in the chiller area).
Inside the box is a tube and a pot of icing sugar, the instruction are simple and found on the back of the pack. The tube has a curious looking opening, with an instruction to pull the red tab. I did and paper and card sort of unwound until the centre line popped open, from there I continued and an entire roll of dough came out. It is difficult to explain how it opens, it was slightly odd, but if you follow the instructions it works perfectly. There was a moment I thought I had done it wrong, but you just need to follow it through.

The roll of dough smelt amazing and you could quickly pick out the yummy cinnamon. From the side you could see all the filling neatly wrapped up inside. The next instruction was simply to cut it into six slices and bake.

I had to judge them a little to make them even, but think I did okay. The baking tray was lined with baking parchment, but it turned out they weren’t particularly sticky when it came to taking them out.

In fact just under fifteen minutes later the slices had turned into golden brown cinnamon swirls! Clearly the temptation was then to eat them pretty much straight out of the oven, but we allowed them to cool (a little) so we could ice them. You simply add the contents of the icing tub to a small bowl and add one and bit teaspoons of water, it's not very much but it did the trick perfectly.

I tried for a Bake Off style icing drizzle, but it looked more like an icing murder scene by the time I’d finished - lets call them “rustic” or something! ;-)
The flavour was amazing though. These were so much more than just a shop bought Cinnamon Swirl, the pastry was spot on, soft, a little flaky and sticky from the icing too. The filling was warm and spicy and tasted of Christmas. There was plenty of magic cinnamon, spicing its way with a sugar sweet finish, and they tasted like little slices of heaven. I’m totally impressed by how nice they were, and how easy they were to prepare. Nothing beats Cinnamon Swirls fresh from the oven. Big thanks to the lovely folks from Jus-Rol who sent me a voucher to buy these, and give them an honest review. I’m now officially hooked.
For more information about Jus-Rol have a look at: http://www.jusrol.co.uk
By Cinabar


paulham said...

Cinabar, I'm going to give you the best bit of advice you'll receive today.

These are ok. If you have ever tried Cinnabon, you'll know that they are just ok.

Instead try making these:

They are fantastic and taste very very similar to the big Cs!

Karen said...

I need some of those!

cinabar said...

paulham - Having just googled it turns out there is a Cinnabon shop/cafe in Leicester - which I'm going to have to visit. Plus they deliver next day anywhere in England!

Karen - oh yes - cinnamon heaven!

ladyluck13 said...

yes, do try Cinnabon (i work literally next door and the smell tempts me everyday haha)and whilst youre visiting go to Fun Tea and try a bubble tea, they have some fab flavours (milky mango with popping bubbles is ace)

cinabar said...

Think I'd be there every day if I worked near - I just love cinnamon!
I've seen a bubble tea place open in the Bullring in Birmingham that I keep meaning to try out.

Deedee20 said...

I want to try making these! My favourite Cinnamon Swirls to date are the Starbucks ones as they are a decent size and are delicious!🍩💟