11 December 2016

Santa Pie - Mad O'Rourkes Pie Factory (@NLi10)

Deep in the heart of the Black Country there is a place known as Tipton, and within it resides the spit and sawdust pub known as Mad O'Rourkes World Famous Pie Factory.  We go here a couple of times a year to be defeated by the giant pies and mystical lump hammer ale.

The seasonal offering today was Santa Pie!

Where as a chicken pie contains chicken, this is more like a vegetarian pie in that it would be suitable for Santa.  To this end it has pastry antlers so that it looks like two ears stick out of the pie.  Oddly the ears were cold even though the rest of the pie was piping hot.  I blame the frosty December weather.

As you can see - this is a pie in a bowl, which would ordinarily be a cause for concern as the pastry is almost always the star.  Here the top is amazing enough, but the filling is king.

Inside there is nothing but recognisable chunks of Turkey, carrots...

...whole intact sprouts, lots of gravy, stuffing...

...and a couple of whole potatoes, along with a small sausage and other little festive bits and bobs.  All quite amazing and filling, but I was as expected defeated by this mighty feast.  Well, I think I more ran out of time due to socialising and my arthritic hands, but I'd have struggled to have enjoyed the last bit and would have just been persevering to change the colour of the certificate presented at the end.

A wimps certificate is gifted to those that tried but failed.  At £11 it's not a cheap pie, but frankly it's almost two days dinners in one!  A little salty for my taste (I don't think I add salt to anything these days), but with a lovely deep flavour, and all the real textures of the actual food I'd happily by defeated by another one of these any day.

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