9 December 2016

Christmas Gingerbread Teacakes (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

We have put our Christmas decorations up and I am now in the full swing of Christmas spirit. So I apologise that this is the second gingerbread themed item in a week, but I am loving all the Christmas spices.
These new Gingerbread Teacakes are from Marks and Spencer and are part of the new Christmas range. They also have a gold shiny decoration on top so appeal to the part of me that likes a bit of Christmas novelty too. I can’t help it, they were shiny.
There are six teacakes in the packet, and the gold decorations are pretty on top but are essentially just sugar. These do add a nice bit of texture and crunch to each one. In fact those crunchy sugar sprinkles in combination with the chocolate, mallow and soft gingerbread do make a wonderfully diverse mix of textures that I thought was seriously satisfying.
The flavour of gingerbread was surprisingly strong. The ginger and spices were very warming and full on, with the mallow and chocolate complementing the fiery taste. I thought these were fantastic and I loved the fact they were a no holds barred approach to the flavour. There is no way you could miss the gingerbread with these, and all the Christmas flavours meant they are perfect for this time of year. A fab treat to be enjoyed with a nice cup of coffee, what better way to reward completion of your Christmas shopping.

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