24 December 2016

Reindeer’s Revolt (Stonehenge Shop) By @Spectre

Merry Christmas!

To compliment the name of this deep amber ale, we have our own revolt every Christmas by opening our presents on Christmas Eve. It's a day early for many I know, but if I hadn't I wouldn't be writing about this beer, as it was in with my presents.

Brewed by Ridgeway this Reindeer's Revolt is one of a set of Christmas beers made in England for the USA and Europe, for those who like good beer and don 't take life too seriously. This is certainly the time of year for a penultimate attempt at bringing some cheer into everyone's lives after what could be described as a 'challenging year'! And if this fails there's always cheering in the next year, though what that brings is anyone's guess.

There was a dense wheat and crisp malt smell on opening the 6% volume beer. This is a strong malt beer for those who like to keep the bitterness from hops to a minimum. It has a warming quality perfect for this time of year. From the initial crisp barley malt taste, through to the hints of sweet caramel malt, and then further hints of underlying hoppy bitterness into the aftertaste, this beer is designed to place your head on a soft pillow or two, wrap you in a thick blanket and send you off to sleep so you don't see Santa.

Zzzz! Sssssh… Merry Christmas!


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