15 December 2016

Home Made Advent Calendars (@NLi10)

So last time we mentioned advent calendars we saw the results of the first few days of the Maltesers advent calendar. the following days were very similar, bad jokes and malty chocolate.

All a bit generic and corporate, but nice enough - right?

Here we see something created by my mother - a Nutcracker style solider full of draws with surprises in them.

Surprises such as home made rocky-road with festive designs and different shades of chocolate.

Or smaller draws with a few cubes of different kinds of quality chocolate

endless varieties of Cadbury goodness

and more Rocky road!

Because we picked this up late we have a few days to catch up on and will enjoy the voyage of discovery - especially as we don't know whats in the largest size draws yet.  A little creativity goes a long way.  

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