23 December 2016

Christmas Merry Molten Truffles (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

Singing “Chocolates roasting on an open fire” isn’t exactly how I remember the Christmas carol going, as heating up chocolate doesn’t seem like a very good idea… Marks and Spencer’s new Christmas Merry Molten Truffles are a new style heat to eat chocolate, strange but true. There are eighteen chocolates in the box, 9 cranberry and 9 clementine.
Firstly I’m going to be honest I’ve had these on the Foodstuff Finds shelf for over a week. The problem with chocolates that only need 3minutes of heating in an oven (there were no microwave options) is that you still have to pre-heat the oven. This takes away the impulsive “let’s have a few choccies” feeling. I guess they are meant for dinner parties, where the oven has been on anyway.
Firstly I opened up the box, and that was a bit annoying to be honest as it had a cardboard sleeve, over a plastic box, over a cardboard tray.
So the next step was sharing them, after their stint in the oven they were now hot and they roll so this makes them a bit more difficult to serve, we used dessert bowls! There are two flavours in the box, we started with the white ones.

The white chocolate are clementine flavoured, or so the packet says. In reality the flavour is so mild, you could quite easily miss it. The texture is nice, the outer shell is crunchy, and the inside is molten milk chocolate. This chocolate is the strongest flavour, and as a gooey chocolate they are nice, but they were disappointing due to the lack of clementine flavour.

The red ones are cranberry flavoured (allegedly). The red powder on the outside of the chocolate is very acidic, I’m not sure I’d say fruity, but I would say sour. This was about as far as any cranberry taste went. Inside these ones are a mix of white chocolate and a molten milk chocolate middle. They taste very similar to the clementine ones, and have a pleasing crunchy coating with a soft centre. they are just missing a cranberry hit.

Even with a love of novelty I don’t think I’ll be buying these chocolate again. After a while the remaining uneaten chocolates went tepid, which wasn’t pleasant and started to get a bit harder in the middle. They weren’t fruity enough for me either, I wanted a proper burst of flavours. They are an interesting idea, but not one I think will be catching on.

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