27 December 2016

Caffe Nero Tiramisu Slice and Tiramisu Latte By @Cinabar

Ok after yesterdays detox, and lets be honest it was a one day only affair, I’m back on the naughty stuff. I will probably be back at the gym next week, but my sweet-tooth overruled the healthy eating. We decided to have a browse of the shops and see what was left of the Boxing Day sales, after a good look around and a couple of bargains (we couldn't quite face the queue in Pandora) we thought we’d have an afternoon treat at Caffe Nero. I decided to try their seasonal specials and had both a Tiramisu Slice and a Tiramisu Latte.
The Tiramisu Latte was made with Monin syrup, it had a sprinkling of chocolate on top and a lovely flavour. It wasn’t too sweet and had the taste of a chocolate coffee cream, it was easy to drink and had a hint of something else about it. I couldn’t quite place the flavour, but if pushed I’d say it wasn’t dissimilar to the flavour a tot of Baileys would bring. No alcohol in this one though obviously.
The Tiramisu Slice was stunning. It is a similar style treat to that of Millionaire’s Shortbread, with a biscuity base and a thick layer of gooey caramel. There was white chocolate on top that cracked pleasingly when you bit in. The biscuit started off firm and then melted away, if you love a mix of textures then this is the perfect treat. The sweetness from the caramel was offset beautifully with the coffee flavour from the Tiramisu and it really hit the spot. Just what we needed to energise us to finish off our afternoon shop.

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