21 December 2016

SLABS: Sweet Red Chilli Crisps (Gloucester Services) By @SpectreUK

You can see the chunky looking potato crisps through the window in the front of the bag. There red spicy texture makes my mouth water a bit. “Thick & Big” in bold letters on the front of the packet seem obvious descriptive words gazing through that rectangular transparent plastic space. Apparently these chunky doorstep crisps come from a spicy Mediterranean recipe from the huge potatoes grown in the Spanish sun around the small town of El Chaparrai. Cooked in olive oil and seasoned with natural English ingredients, these SLABS promised to be a taste and crunch sensations.

There was a chilli and paprika smell on opening the packet. The big bright orange crisps glared at me from inside. Each crisps had a thick crunch, so you may need your dentures in if necessary! There were little flecks of parsley on paprika and chilli covered the crisps. There was a mild sweet chilli flavour with a hint of spices, parsley and lemon to these chunky fat crisps. These crisps were certainly very tasty and very crunchy indeed. If you’re expecting a chilli burn you’ll be disappointed, however these crisps were very flavoursome and it didn’t seem to matter with all the chilli, paprika and other spices rolling around my mouth. I’m looking forward to the chunky Ready Salted flavour I have to wash down with some beer one night.

Information on the packet;

The 80g packet has 160 calories per 33g serving, with 9.1g of fat, 5.2g of sugar, and 0.4g of salt. See photograph for ingredients.

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