6 December 2016

Gingerbread Spice Chocolate (Rococo) By @Cinabar

Situated next to the rather fabulous Chester Grosvenor Hotel is a very beautiful chocolate shop. This particular shop is filled with so many intriguing items and flavour combinations that although the shop may be small you will find that you still need browsing time. The man behind the counter said I should take my time to take everything in before I make my selection. #pressure
Having nearly bought so many things I fell back on my usual plan, and asked him what was new, he showed me this chocolate bar and said it was their Christmas edition, phew, the decision was made.
Like the style of the shop the bar is very prettily packaged with its cute gingerbread men on the front. The inside of the card wrapper is also filled with information about the brand, and looks very smart. The pieces of chocolates are rectangles all with the brand name on them.
The chocolate looks dark, but is a milk chocolate with a rich 40% cocoa content. Cinnamon is a favourite spice of mine and this bar hit the mark perfectly, there was a rich warmth of spices as the ginger and nutmeg started, and the cinnamon lingered. These are the Christmas spices I love, and the seasonal twist was perfect for me and with those warming spices. I did think that there wasn't much flavour of biscuity gingerbread and went back to look at the pack, I had sort of missed that this bar was actually gingerbread spice, rather than gingerbread, which to be fair they nailed perfectly. Chester is quite far away for me to travel too, but when I'm next there I will make a point of visiting Rococo and picking up another interesting bar as a treat.

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