18 December 2016

PieMinister Christmas - Three Kings & Christingle (by @NLi10)

It's beginning to look a lot like Piemas in the FoodStuffFinds kitchen, as Ocado have PieMinister on a 2 for £6 deal and it includes the new seasonal offerings.  We have chose one meaty and one vegetarian option.

The meat option of Three Kings was for me and was a posh Christmas dinner with Turkey, bacon, parsnip and cranberry.  My partner had the Christingle pie with roast parsnip, cheddar, leek and a sneaky few chestnuts.

Here we see the naked pies ready to be heated meaty on the left, veggie on the right. 

And here we see them cooked with a few chantilley carrots. Well you have to have some vitamins after all. 

Here is the insides of the Three Kings, unusually for PieMinister there are much smaller bits and much more of a mix of things. This works pretty well though and there isn't a mix of flavours and it's definitely got the taste of a big fork-full of Christmas. 

The veggie pie was similarly high quality, with the chestnuts being an unusual texture for veggie foods and causing some concern. Overall though, possibly the equivalent of a forkful of veggie Christmas dinner.

Both are great seasonal additions to the range and something I hope to sneak in again before the range hibernates for another year.

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