5 December 2016

Belgian Dark Chocolate Coated Chilli Tortilla Chips (Marks & Spencer) By @Cinabar

I’ve eaten many savoury chilli tortillas, sometimes on their own, other times with a dip and sometimes on the side of a chilli con carne. I can’t think of a single occasion when I've eaten them and thought to myself; "you know what, these need chocolate". Somebody at Marks and Sparks clearly thought so and they have brought out these half chocolate dipped chilli tortillas.
I was struggling to persuade myself to open the pack and give them the taste test. I'll be honest I purchased them as they sounded like they needed a review here on Foodstuff Finds, not because I thought they were going to be amazing. Eventually I peeled off the packaging and gave one a try, and I should have had more faith in Marks and Spencer. They were absolutely delicious. The chocolate is dark and really quite sweet and strong, there is plenty of it, more in ratio than actual tortillas, it is the dominant flavour. The tortilla base adds a lovely crunch and I enjoyed the mix of textures. The chilli from the tortilla adds a gentle background warmth and spice and it is lovely with the dark chocolate. There is a background flavour of corn chip but that is nice too, although mild. The flavour of tortilla is actually more noticeable when you finish the chip, and it stays as the aftertaste.
This went from being a product that made me wonder why they'd bothered, and didn't appeal, to a chocolatey treat that is outstanding and I can't wait to buy again. After all these years of food blogging its still very nice to be surprised.

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