4 December 2016

Wahaca Mexican Street Food Meal Kits - Mojo (by @NLi10)

In the UK there is a TV programme called The Last Leg, and sometimes it's a bit London-centric.  They (well Josh Widdecombe mostly) occasionally referenced something called a Wahaca.  On further inspection this appears to be a small chain of restaurants which haven't appeared in Birmingham yet.  I can only presume that their previous mentions of Nando's have proved so profitable that they have branched out (can't blame them - sometimes I get great PR goodies!).

Cut forwards a few months and work have a huge box of food arrive as part of some online deal where managers get things to give out (result). This includes three varieties of Wahaca meal kits and I happened to snag all three (double result).

I've started off with the green/beginner one as it's handy to know what you are dealing with.  I also didn't have any fresh ingredients to add to the mix so it's a bit 'bachelor chow' - but I did make it with Quorn so my partner could eat it too.

Makes 10 tacos, serves four people.  I guess with the added extras this would have been possible.

Like other meal kits you have separate bags, you put them into the hot places in order, you eat.

Unlike other meal kits you can crack out the tiny, tiny luchadores and justify how much you spent on them.  I've not seen a kit with the yellow corn tortillas or a green salsa so I was quite looking forwards to this.

Step one is marinade the meat or veg, but with quorn defrosting in the sauce as you cook tends to get the best flavour.  I'd usually do this covered too as it prevents the quorn drying up too much (and the luchadores from doing spots off the utensils).

And here we see the finished, unfolded results.

Granted, with shredded lettuce and tomatoes and cheese (we did use cheese just not in the pictures) this would look more impressive, but it's still fairly exciting.  The mixture made just about 8 of these size tacos, so you could stretch that to 10.  I did eat 5 of these (and the remaining 2 tacos).

The flavour of the marinade and quorn was strong but not that spicy, all the heat in this kit was in the amazing green salsa which you could adjust easily for any non-Mexican fans.  The salsa popped and really brought the taste buds alive.  I'm worried about what the three chilli box will do, but the two chilli box should be fine.

The course textured tacos were a pleasant change from the old el paso style soft flour tacos, and gave the meal a different complexion to what I was expecting, adding bite where the quorn would usually lack some.

Good enough to add Wahaca to my computers spell check so it stops changing it to whacked, and definitely enough to continue up the strength scale of the boxes.  And next time i'm forced to make a pilgrimage down south to the capital I'll try and pop in to try the real deal.

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Unknown said...

We have tried all these flavours and they are all great, lovely upgrade from the Old El Paso ones. I only buy them when I see them on offer though, but are good cupboard staples. I toast the wraps in a pan first for a bit of crunch and soft combined texture. Lovely!