20 December 2016

Mocha Monin Syrup (Sainsburys) By @cinabar

I am a big fan of Monin syrups, I always have some in the cupboard, and I love adding them to both coffees and hot chocolates. I always have vanilla and gingerbread, and recently have even bought an imported huge bottle of the black forest one from Amazon. Although the basic flavours are available in big supermarkets, new/interesting flavours are usually online only. I was quite intrigued to find a new “limited edition” Monin Mocha syrup in Sainsburys, available in a small bottle, so I thought I’d give it a try.
The syrup is a thick dark brown colour, and I started by adding three teaspoons to a latte. This is my usual amount, which seems to work for me whatever the syrup. It added a pleasing amount of chocolate to the drink, but it was a mild easy going flavour. I then tried the syrup with a hot chocolate, and found the same thing, only this time it added a pleasing, but gentle, flavour of coffee. I think the issue is that there are two flavours in the bottle (coffee and chocolate) and each one of these already exists in one of the two drinks I will use the syrup in, meaning that you only ever get half of the story. Perhaps the trick is to mix this with milk like a milkshake and go for it that way? I’ll happily use up the rest of the small bottle of this syrup in my coffees and hot chocolates. For my purposes though it is a little unadventurous, I’ll be sticking to the bolder flavours.

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