3 December 2016

Brave Red Ale (Beer 52) By @SpectreUK

Been as though the weather has been pretty bleak lately, this time of year I’m always on the lookout for craft beers from far off places. Chile is certainly far off enough for a beer. This Chilean red ale called brave was brewed with fresh Chilean water, hops, and malts. At 4.5% volume this beer was presented in a slightly larger 350ml bottle. All the more for me! On opening there was an intense fruity hoppy smell with the malts in the background. A deep red ale on pouring, there was a strong bitterness on my first mouthful from the fruity hops. This bitterness kept on giving right through to the aftertaste. Don’t get me wrong, there was certainly flavour from the malts, but it was lurking in the background, and not in a very “brave” way. This is definitely a fulsome flavoured beer brewed from the soul and it takes a brave soul to drink it, hence the name I’m sure. I’d certainly have another just as long as I can pluck up the courage!

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