30 December 2016

Pringles: Pigs in Blankets Crisps (Sainsburys) By @Cinabar

I’m just catching up with the the last of seasonal crisps, and spotted these Pigs in Blankets Pringles in Sainsburys. I think Pigs in Blankets have to be one of the best parts of a traditional Christmas dinner, and I can see how their flavour can translate well into a variety for crisps.
Now I have to confess to liking meaty flavours of crisps, so these appealed the moment I saw them.
The crisps don’t have much of a visual seasoning, but they smelt like bacon crisps, and reminded me of Frazzles. The flavour of them worked really well. Now Pringles are always moreish, they seem to have made their business on it, but these were new favourite the minute I tried them. The initial taste is that of a wonderfully salty bacon flavour, but this blends quickly into a herby sausage taste. They are pure meaty goodness. I was surprised by how well they had captured both ingredients of the Pigs in Blankets and again just how tasty they had made them. I’m sure they could carry them on after the new year, making them breakfast Pringles, that woudl work, so long as they don’t try and add any egg!
If you like meaty crisps I’d grab these while you can. They’d be perfect for sharing with family and friends on New Year’s Eve… if you are okay with sharing them that is! :-D

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