10 December 2016

Brooklyn Dark Lager Insulated (@BeerForThat #BeerMatch) By @SpectreUK

What better activity to do on a cold wet dark winter’s night than to sit down with friends and watch a movie with snacks and a few drinks. There’s A Beer For That supply the beer, and I’m sure you and your friends can supply the crisps and nuts. One of their beers is this Brooklyn Dark Lager called Insulated. At 5.6% volume and served in a 330ml bottle the label of this almost black lager even recommends you drink it on a cold damp soggy night.

Sweet caramel malt and a mixture of floral and fruity hops tickled my nose on opening. There was a generous fizz and good strong head on pouring, but not too bubbly to fit in my beer glass. On taste the roasted caramel malt shines right through flavour like a beacon in a dark pool. A deep pool of flavours it is too; oozing with bitter citrus and herbal hops fighting amongst each other to get to the top. Difficult to stop drinking once started and wishing I had another, I did what the label recommended; listened to the pitter-patter of rain outside and added another layer of insulation, before putting on a good old black and white thriller on the box.

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