29 May 2021

Banks Caribbean Lager (Amazon) By @SpectreUK

Banks Caribbean Lager

There is nothing like a good pint of Mild at the end of the week. There was an advert with Noddy Holder, from the old band Slade, many moons ago. "You can save your thanks's, I'll have a pint of Banks's" So Noddy's slogan went... oh, hang on a moment. This isn't a pint of my favourite local ale, it's Banks Caribbean Lager from a brewery of the same brand name, but not from Wolverhampton, no... this one is in sunny Barbados!

"This is the legendary Caribbean beer that is celebrated across the region!" Is their slogan on the back of the 330ml bottle. Not as interesting as the local's, but there you go! I remember now that I had this Banks Caribbean Lager as part of a box of twelve beers for Christmas. Yes, it can take me this long to get to certain beers in my cavernous beer fridge.

On opening the bottle there was a fresh wheaty aroma from inside. This golden cheerfully bubbly Banks Caribbean Lager has a light smell of wheat on pouring and a decent head. On taste there is predominantly wheat and sweet malted barley, with a light bitterness from the herbal hops into the aftertaste. I can see why this is such a popular beer in the Caribbean. It's not particularly bubbly and it is certainly refreshing.

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