15 May 2021

Jack Ratt Cyser: Cider & Mead (Lyme Bay Winery @LBWdrinksltd) By @SpectreUK

Jack Ratt Cyser: Cider & Mead Lyme Bay Winery

I've been ordering in my flagons of mead from the Lyme Bay Winery for a few months now. They are quick on delivery. My last order included some extra interesting treats. This Cyser blend of sparkling Mead and traditional Scrumpy cider offers "a crisp, clean and unique flavour." I do love my mead from the Lyme Bay Winery, and I am partial to the odd glass of cider now and then.

This 4% in volume Cyser has a strong sweet honeyed apple cider aroma. Cheerfully sparkling this cider and mead combination tastes like a sweet strong Scrumpy cider. The added mead takes a bit of a backseat to the strong Scrumpy cider, blending with the apples subtly adding sweetness for a distraction from the usual sourness of the apples. It's certainly very flavoursome combination indeed and I'd have Cyser again. It went very well indeed with my traditional pork schnitzel meal at dinner time.

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