24 May 2021

Walkers Hot Shot Hot Dog Crisps (Tesco) By @cinabar

Walkers Hot Shot Hot Dog Crisps

There are new Walkers crisps hitting the shelves and they have loosely themed football flavours. People eat hot dogs on their way to a football match so I’ll give them that, but they then went with Walkers Hot Shot Hot Dog as the full name. If I’m honest I’m not that bothered about the football theme name, I’m more interested in the new hot dog flavour. We had these at lunch time with a sandwich, I poured some out on to a plate.

The crisps are the usual thin cut Walkers crisps, which I like as a texture. The aroma was very much of tomato ketchup and that made me smile before I tried them. I always love ketchup crisps when I have them and I don’t buy them nearly enough. The flavour of these crisps also had a big tomato ketchup kick but a nice smokey meaty flavour too, and then the flavour ends with a hit of onion. All key ingredients of the hot dog experience. They were well balanced and tasty and I liked the meaty taste with the ketchup, they were even better than regular ketchup flavour crisps.. Personally I think these Walkers Hot Shot Hot Dog Crisps should have had a hit of mustard in there too, as everyone puts both sauces on a hot dog right? Still loved them though!

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zeddy said...

I agree. Mustard is a must and you notice its absence.