27 May 2021

Kicker & Pie-Nalty- Walkers Crisps, but for the lads #Football (@NLi10)

 GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL.  See - I know Football!  I didn't think the big football was happening this year, but Walker's apparently did so they released these.  Did it happen?  Did we win?

Great puns lads - that marketing degree really paying off!

Nice big bags are something I approve of though.

I put them in a girly bowl to counter the hyper masculinity so I could calm down enough to review them.

"Football fever is sweeping the nation" pretty sure that's the Covid.  Don't tell me I've got to get another two jabs? I double checked the date on these crisps to make sure Walkers didn't get the year wrong and send out crisps from the summer of 2019 by mistake.

They taste like the normal sweet chilli ones, maybe with a hint of dairy as an aftertaste.

Here's the main event bag though (mainly as I get to eat all of this one as they taste meaty). Cat matts in the background to earth the testosterone.

Same blurb - footage of me in the background watching The Game - not playing Resident Evil 8 or anything - honest.  Go Piggers!!

These taste like pub crisps - the McCoys & Roysters kind that are very beefy and very nice.  I enjoyed them a lot.  Hopefully my corner shop still has more of these to buy as they would be good with a pint. Oh no! What have I become!!

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