2 May 2021

Tenzing - Original Flavour - Natural Energy Drink Purely From Plants (but basically nicer Vegan RedBull) @NLi10

 I like unusual 'sports' drinks in fact I was one of the first people to get massively behind RedBull that I know of (we had to buy it from the vending machine in the sports section of the union and then take it to the bar ourselves for the first term).  1997 was a very long time ago though, and we've moved past pouring isostar dust into vodka to get our kicks.

In a rare occurrence we had something on TV that contained adverts (possibly Taskmaster) and this popped up.  I hurridly took a picture and then completely forgot about it.

Carbon negative? Named after the first person to conquer Everest and full of plants?  Sounds fantastic!

Energy drinks have been 'Monstered' a lot recently and frankly that's not my scene anymore.  I don't want to game all night anymore (unlike 10 years ago) - I just want to get on and have a little bit more swing in my step.

And they showed up in the Co-op in Bearwood so I couldn't resist.

It's got tea in it (like Kombucha), it's got green coffee in it (which I'd not heard of but want), and a few of the usual stimulants (but from plant sources).  At only 48 calories it doesn't actually have much energy, but it does have a lot of motivation.  I guess it's like Sherpa Tenzing encouraging you to get to the summit.

Electrolyte drinks have a habit of looking the same coming in as going out - this one is no exception - but the fruity scents and sparkling water taste are really refreshing and welcoming on a hot day.

Unlike the RedBull style drinks there is no chemical aftertaste - although it could maybe be a little more botanical in taste for me (but then I love intense flavours).  I don't think it's one I'd actively seek out, but if I was in the market for a drink while out at didn't want the full Kombucha style hit, and needed a little oomph to get me back to base then I think this is a very suitable companion.

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