31 May 2021

Jaffa Cakes Blackcurrant (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Jaffa Cakes Blackcurrant

What is going on at Jaffa Cakes head quarters? We have had several years where there are no new interesting products from them, which is fine the originals are amazing. This year however we have seen loads of innovation from them Passion Fruit, Cherry and even Jaffa Cake Jonuts (doughnuts). There is now another new flavour these Jaffa Cakes Blackcurrant, using the classical British fruit, they are spoiling us. I love blackcurrant so this is rather exciting.

Inside the box were ten cakes (or biscuits but I’m not going down that rabbit hole) and a bit of a gap in the box. Oh well. Inside each of these new Blackcurrant Jaffa Cakes was a dark purple layer of jelly along between the thin chocolate and the sponge base. I gave them a try and found that the flavour from the blackcurrant was good, quite zingy but not quite a strong as I had hoped for. The chocolate is only a thin layer but it held the majority of the flavour. On a regular Jaffa cake the orange shines out with no question, these were more of a glow, tasty but they needed a stronger, dare I say sourer hit of blackcurrant. I’m loving the innovation though, wonder which fruit will be next?

Jaffa Cakes Blackcurrant


zeddy said...

Since you asked what's going on.
The Turkish owners are closing the Scottish factory of the company founded in Scotland blaming overcapacity of their manufacturing sites.
I'd try your new variety but I think it would leave a bitter taste..

cinabar said...

Oh my - I had no idea. That is sad news.

Stella said...

Definitely sad news! Let's hope they will say goodbye with a Turkish delight filling!