12 May 2021

Cheeky P’s Punchin’ Chilli & Lime (Ocado) By @SpectreUK

Cheeky P’s Punchin’ Chilli & Lime

I haven't written about many alternative snacks to crisps and nuts lately. Mainly because we haven't found much of anything new in the online supermarkets. Although I do love crisps, and probably a little too much, I can't eat nuts for dietary reasons. So Cinabar often buys me flavoured peas as an alternative. They generally have the crunchiness of the flavoured nuts I miss so much, so at least I have some reminder of their texture. 

These Cheeky P's Punchin' Chilli & Lime flavoured chickpeas suggest themselves as an alternative snack to crisps on the back of the packet. They are high in protein, which will help with my lengthy workouts and weights sessions, as well as gluten free. Habanero chillis were used in the seasoning, as well as tomatoes, garlic, onions and spices.

On opening the bag there was a multitude of slightly reddened chickpeas inside. There was a whiff of chilli about the angry looking little fellows staring back at me. On taste there was a touch of lime just before the medium Habanero chilli flavour, and then the lime returns into the aftertaste.

I didn't feel that these Cheeky P's Punchin' Chilli & Lime flavoured chickpeas had much of a punch or kick to begin with. After a good few of them were shoved remorselessly into my ever hungry maw, I started to feel the chilli burn, by then I'd started to eat my ubiquitous and always particularly messy and overloaded tuna and mayonnaise sandwich, which cooled my mouth down no end.

I'd have these Cheeky P's Punchin' Chilli & Lime flavoured chickpeas again, as I liked their crunchy texture and flavoursome chilli and lime tang, even if it was a bit of a tickle rather than a punch or kick!

Information on the packet;
Each 40g packet contains 160 calories, with 5.3g of fat, 1.1g of sugar, 8.8g of protein, and 0.32g of salt. Suitable for Vegans. Please see photograph for the Ingredients.

Cheeky P’s Punchin’ Chilli & Lime

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