9 May 2021

Muji - Fake Japanese Snacks - Raspberry Balls & Vanilla Wafers (@NLi10)

 I love getting little presents - and I love Muji - so this was a lovely surprise!  Snacks - but from Muji!

Now - normally I get household things as it totally matches my aesthetics, and the occasional bit of clothes - but snacks? Like with Ikea these are a great sneaky reason to get me going back - if they are good quality.

Made in Malaysia - but I'm guessing in a Japanese style.

And look at them - glorious little cubes (ish).  And surprisingly these taste a lot closer to English pink wafers than the Euro choc wafers we get from the Polish shops.  Very nice - easy to eat a lot of these - but probably not wise.

Here we have Raspberry coated with Milk Chocolate

Made in ... Bulgaria!  But presumably to a Japanese style.  Frankly - who cares - these are amazing.  Look at how thick the chocolate is - that's a real snack.  And it's part of my five a day if I eat a handful.  At £2 a bag though it's going to prove an expensive hobby...

I've got one more left to review - but that one is more of a meal than a snack so I'll do that seperately.

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