6 May 2021

Cadbury Dairy Milk Orange Fingers - a rejigged classic (@NLi10)

Modern Cadbury likes adding varieties to their standard things.  By standard things I mean the lower calorie versions we have now anyway.

Dairy Milk fingers were my favourite as a small child - I got bought a whole tin of them to myself once for Christmas!

And now we have a chocolate orange version!

These were on special - and flagged as New so it'd be rude not to.

And look at all that goodness!

Here is the science - Mondelez Cadbury keeping us up-to-date.

4 is a portion?  I'm fairly sure I ate a box at a time as a child and I turned out fine...

As you can see these have as little chocolate as possible on them, which means the Orange flavour is quite muted too.  They should have thickened it up so they could have both flavours shine through.  Then 3 would have been a portion I guess due to the extra calories.

A plesant enough variation on a classic, but no longer as satisfying as they once were.


Stella said...

I find things always tasted better and were much bigger in my memory and it is often a bit of a disappointment when I go back to old favourites. My taste has changed of course too and I like different things now. However, there are some classics that I still love very much! To name but a few: 'kikkers en muizen' a Dutch Sinterklaas sweet of fondant filled cholatate frogs and mice! Regards Nicolet, The Netherlands

NLi10 said...

Cadbury have certainly modified a lot more since the takeover than before - I wonder if the recipe for these is on the bottom of my 80s tin to compare with?!

Stella said...

I guess it must be! LOL!