3 May 2021

Shloer Pineapple and Lime (Ocado) By @Cinabar

Shloer Pineapple and Lime

Shloer is one of my favourite soft drink brands for a treat. They are a posh pop but they are quite pricey if they aren’t on special offer so I always keep a look out for a discount. I make an exception for a new flavour and this Spring they have brought out this new Shloer Pineapple and Lime which sounds wonderfully tropical.

As with all Shloer drinks the base flavour is still grape in this case white grape and this one is blended with tropical fruits. I poured some into glasses and it had a good fizz when it was opened. I gave the drink a try and found the flavour to be quite delicate. The predominant flavour was still the grape and the pineapple and lime were in the after flavour. I liked the taste it was refreshing and light but I wish the acid of the lime had been a little stronger as it could have given the drink more of an edge. Or the pineapple could have added a little more sweetness. I think past previous limited editions have been a lot stronger from Shloer and I as much as I like the idea of pineapple and lime I felt this was too mild to be interesting. A few years back they brought out a Mango and Passionfruit edition which was spot on in terms of depth of flavour, to be honest I’d rather have that back.


Anonymous said...

I brought this too and was disappointed not enough flavour of either the lime or pineapple as you say. I just got the Bottle Green bramble flavoured drink much nicer!

eripmav said...

Absolutely ruined now by artificial sweeteners.

cinabar said...

Glad I'm not the only one who wasn't impressed, I will have a look at Bottle Green.