7 May 2021

Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy (GB Gifts) By @Cinabar

Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy

This bag of Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy is imported and I picked it up as the bag was so bright and yes there was a unicorn on the front of the packaging. I may look like a grown up but inside I can’t resist a rainbow unicorn. :-D This Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy is candy floss to the UK market in multi-colours and flavours. I opened up the bag and poured out the contents. Gosh I wish candy floss took a better picture, it isn’t a pretty site when it is on the table and has been compressed. There were three colours of the candy floss in the bag, a little less than an actual rainbow.

Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy

Pink - this was sweet fruity zingy berry flavour, which worked well. 
Green - again there was a tang of acid that made this green variety citrus zingy but also lovely. 
Orange - the orange wasn’t as sharp and had a softer flavour, sweet but very much nice orange.

This Rainbow Sherbet Cotton Candy is a fun bag of candy floss. I bought it because of the novelty of the packaging but I wasn’t disappointed with the taste test, all the flavours were different and enjoyable. I just wished there had been more colours in the pack.

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