4 May 2021

Hoisin Duck Quarter Pounders (Iceland) By @Cinabar

Hoisin Duck Quarter Pounders

I spotted these new Hoisin Duck Quarter Pounders on the Iceland website and ordered some to try for tea. Spectre is fussy when it comes to burgers, I like to try different meats (I love both chicken and fish burgers) but Spectre likes beef burgers and usually won’t be swayed. I asked him if he fancied trying these Hoisin Duck Quarter Pounders and to my surprise he said yes so I bought a packet to try out.

These burgers grill/fry but on a sunny day would barbecue too. As it was raining we had them inside, served in a wholemeal bap with a bit of salad. Once cooked they looked much like beef burgers but the difference is all in the flavour. These are rich and meaty enough for Spectre to enjoy but they have that delicate duck taste too with a good helping of aromatic hoisin, they were a total success. I liked the definition of the flavour and thought they worked really well. I’m not sure what the right dressing is for them on a burger, we had a little mayo and a touch of chilli jam to add a bit of spice but I think they work well on their own too. Definitely one to get for a barbecue with friends/family if you want to impress (restrictions willing). They also passed the Spectre test as he said he would happily have them again, so that says a lot!

Hoisin Duck Quarter Pounders

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