20 May 2021

Toblerone Schokoladen-Torte - Luxury Chocolate Desert! (@NLi10)

It's Eurovision weekend - so lets pop to Lidl and break out the luxury deals - in this case an 8 slice Toblerone chocolate desert!

I'm not one for deserts that don't include fruit (red and green fruit anyway) or pastry, but this looked a little bit special.  450g of nutty wonder.

Being frozen you can basically just cut and defrost a portion at a time.

1/8th each for the Semi-finals, and a 1/4 each for the main event should suffice?

And this is pretty filling stuff - the nuts and the layers make this tiny looking slice a wonderful battle to eat.  It tastes like the real thing too - less hard choc, but more like the flavour they sneak into the choc mix, and the almond & nougat pieces.  Very much something I'm tempted to buy a 2nd and hide at the back of the freezer for when people can come round to sample it.

Lidl have done it again and delivered a top luxury Eurocake for a pretty budget price!

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