11 September 2022

Cardiff Tim Hortons & Shake Shack (@NLi10)

While we were in Cardiff for the wrestling we happened to try a few North American chains we don't see as often in the Midlands.  We do have a Tim Hortons in Birmingham, but it's so rare I need a chain cafe when home is a short bus ride away. 

The store is very well decorated - like every branch in this Canadian chain, and had a decent range of treats on offer.


We popped in (with Teddy from the last review) and got a basic tea and an exciting apple cinnamon fritter thing.

The tea was decent quality but not exciting, The fritter was kind of a rolled and layered pretzel doughnut

And wasn't that exciting really, but was very nice.  I'd been spoilt by having an Auntie Anne's Pretzel the night before.

I also got maple bacon pancakes in the Wyndham Cafe in the Wyndham arcade, but that's a Cardiff only thing.

As is (apparently) the Shake Shack where there are only a few of them in the country.

And it was fairly expensive for normal chips and a cheese burger.  I enjoyed them but like 5 Guys I wouldn't rush back.

We had the normal tea and the 50:50 lemonade tea but neither quite hit the spot.

We made 75:25 tea to lemonade with our remaining half cups and preferred that, but it wasn't great tea or lemonade.  I guess I should have had the Shake in the title.  I'm not mad on American food like the Young Team are and they all seemed keen to return so maybe if they open in town I'll try again.

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