15 September 2022

Sip Shack - Grape (and Sky Juice) - @NLi10 @SipShack

 A while back we stumbled into a new non-fizzy social drink by Sip Shack in the local stores and gave it a whirl.  We've been buying it ever since.  Now it's returned after a brief hiatus and brought a friend.

Sip Shack Grape is a darker, more menacing proposition, in newly designed bottles with a great special offer - so why stop at three...

...when you can have six!  This Sky Juice is as I remember it (stronger than in the first review) and it's nice to have it back in the fridge as a treat.

Interestingly the Grape has a pretty similar recipe - it's still the core tropical drink you'd expect.  And it's still one of the most luxurious Indy-drinks you are likely to bump into.  I was actively disappointed when it wasn't on the menu of a Caribbean restaurant we found while on holiday in Wales

And it looks pretty too - I could get away with slipping this in a wine glass quite easily (not at work mind).  It's probably more at home in a cocktail - and the guy in the shop did recommend an alcoholic version with rum by a different company - I think I can make that at home though.

It even comes with it's own playlists now!

Overall this is like the red wine to the sky juice's rose - it's unmistakably Sip Shack but just different enough that you'd know which one you'd fancy out of the stack.

Originally I'd decided to pair this with a rare visit to a local takeaway as I didn't think either would be exciting enough to review solo (juice reviews are hard!) but I decided after tasting to split them up so you will see these again after I finish putting up all the holiday reviews.

SipShack is available on their website (worth a visit for the video!) and Amazon, or just locally in small shops in the West Midlands.  And it's ace.

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