8 September 2022

Utterly Mutterly - Dog Ice-cream by Teddy The Dog @NLi10 #utterlymutterly

 Commiserations to all of the U.K. on the death of Queen Elizabeth II. As she was a big fan of dogs, todays review is brought to you by Teddy The Chihuahua.

We went to Tenby today and the place is pretty dog friendly (for the right dogs)

And good dogs get ice cream for dogs!

Pictures have to be taken first

. '.

And the humans have to have their tea


Then you get to see the ice cream 

It’s very hard to get pictures and ice cream at the same time

Here I am with my owner and Lilly the dog I live with. She didn’t want to eat the ice cream

When I finished the ice cream I was too tired to walk so had to be carried around Tenby bay to look at the beach

I liked this ice cream as much as the one I usually have so am happy and will sleep well in the car home


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