6 September 2022

Popcorn Shed - Toasted Marshmallow (Gifted) By @Cinabar

Popcorn Shed - Toasted Marshmallow

The rather lovely folk from Popcorn Shed sent us some of their new flavours to try, and this Popcorn Shed Toasted Marshmallow caught my eye straight away. I love marshmallows and I love popcorn, so I eagerly opened up the box. The pieces of popcorn are big and fluffy and seem to have quite a bit of topping on them. On closer inspection, I could see that some had traces of pink from the mallows. They were also a little more stuck together than the usual Popcorn Shed varieties.

I gave one a try and it was a wonderful sweet flavour, with a touch of creaminess. The taste is marshmallow, but marshmallow isn’t the strongest of flavours, just that delicate vanilla sweetness. The best part though, was the texture. These were a joy to eat. Some pieces were quite gooey and chewy, as they were dripping in marshmallow. I loved that. Some pieces were crispy and crunchy, these were a simple flavour but a fantastic texture. The box didn’t last long.

Popcorn Shed - Toasted Marshmallow

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