3 September 2022

Circles and Roundabouts Beer (Wee Beer Shop) By @SpectreUK

Round Corner Brewing Circles and Roundabouts Beer

When is an island a roundabout? When you live is the Midlands in the UK. This obviously fascinating fact might not have anything to do with this Circles and Roundabouts Kellerbier, from Round Corner Brewing, but we call 'roundabouts' on roads 'islands' in these parts. If you think about it, it is an island in the middle of the road. However if you say roundabout to someone in the Midlands it's unlikely they'll know what you're on about.

This 4.8% in volume Circles and Roundabouts is a lager. Meaning 'cellar beer' due to the temperature it's lagered, a traditional German 'Kellerbier' is neither clarified nor pasteurised. Stated on the can as cloudy and creamy, this lager was dry hopped with Huell Melon. I've not heard of that hop before, and no wander, as it's a new German hop with reported aromas of summer honeydew melon, strawberries, and apricot. This should be an interesting brew, especially washing down my fish, chips and battered sausage takeaway from the local Chippy.

On opening the can there was indeed a strong fruity almost citrus aroma, almost like apricot. Just behind the citrus smell of apricot was the melon and a little strawberry. On pouring, this cloudy golden lager was pretty excitable with plenty of bubbles. On taste there was a sheer knife edge bitterness from those citrus fruity hops to begin with, followed closely by the sweetness of malted barley. This is a crispy, bubbly lager, and very flavoursome too. It went perfectly with my fish and chips takeaway. A lovely tasty start to the weekend, and no mistake.

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