18 September 2022

Welsh Holiday Cottage Goodies - Choc, & Black Garlic Ketchup (@NLi10)

 On our trip to Wales we got goodie packages in both our accommodations - here is the one from the farmhouse in Pembroke

And we got the more traditional breakfast stuff in the waterfront apartment in Penarth.

First up was the Welsh truffle (or trwffl) which had a great smell

We liked these and they were tangy and fun

It's basically just a really nice local chocolate though!

Didn't get a good picture of the garlic ketchup - but once you got it moving it just poured right out!

With the Anglesey Sea Salt and all the tangy flavours this was a hit - I let someone else take it home, but if I'd have seen this one in the local produce shops I'd have picked one up for home.

Great pizza dip too!

The marshmallows were the oddest of the presents - double chocolate

Fish gelatine? Cool idea - I guess it's halal and suitable for pescatarians that way!

Spotty cubes of Mallow - but chocolate covered chocolate probably doesn't go well with hot chocolate so we just ate them!

They do look a little like dog-treats but they are quite luxury.  We finished these before we left.

Last up are the Bara Brith biscuits, which I had a nibble of, but aren't really my style.  The others loved them - raisins, and Christmas spices.

Very pretty too!

Overall a lovely, local, luxury care package and definitely something to recommend the site to others on (plus the hot-tub, and views, and complete lack of neighbours).

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