12 September 2022

Vimto Jelly Babies (A Taste of the States) By @Cinabar

Vimto Jelly Babies

I bought these from an import shop but I don’t think they are an import. Vimto is a British thing. It is a popular drink here flavoured with blackcurrant, raspberry and grape. The name came from Vim Tonic being abbreviated. There are many variations of the Vimto drink here, even seasonal specials etc, but sweets are much harder to find. I couldn’t resist picking up these Vimto Jelly Babies when I saw them.

I opened up the bag and the hit of aroma of Vimto was amazing, it was rich and fruity and I knew immediately these were going to be good. I gave one a try and they are seriously juicy and fruit bites of joy. The jelly is firm, but gives easily. The Vimto flavour was sweet and intense and all the berry goodness was just amazing. I swear I only meant to have a few. That was my intention. Somehow, the bag now appears to be empty and I’m not sure what happened. I think I might need to order some more. These were so tasty they had almost addictive qualities.

Vimto Jelly Babies

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