20 September 2022

Red Velvet Popcorn (Popcorn Shed) By @Cinabar

Red Velvet Popcorn (Popcorn Shed)

For those of you who watched Bake Off last week, you will know that the technical was a Red Velvet cake, and that reminded me that I had a small bag of Popcorn Shed Red Velvet popcorn in the Foodstuff Finds cupboard. I have to be honest, my knowledge of Red Velvet cake was a chocolate cake dyed red, which is definitely mostly true, but it has a cream cheese frosting too and it is made with buttermilk.

I wondered whether this popcorn went down the easy route of just a chocolate flavour or if it attempted to create quite a complex flavour. I opened it up and poured the popcorn out. It smelled chocolatey and didn’t look red, not a bad thing. I gave a piece a try and found it to be a very rich indulgent flavour, with a proper cake taste. I could pick up on plenty of chocolate, but also a sweetness and creaminess like the cream cheese frosting. Every piece was generously coated and it was a proper treat. I’m really enjoying these small bags, perfect for a light snack too. These were originally sent to me by the lovely people at Popcorn Shed and I can’t wait to try some more flavours.

Red Velvet Popcorn (Popcorn Shed)

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