13 September 2022

Matchmakers Caramel Coffee (Tesco) By @Cinabar

Matchmakers Caramel Coffee

There are not enough chocolate with coffee products in the UK. The two flavours are meant for each other, they are one of my favourite combinations and I do try and hunt down anything that combines them. The latest product we found is the Matchmakers Caramel Coffee edition. I associate Matchmakers with Christmas as they are a common stocking filler, but they are available all year. Limited editions seem to launch in the autumn ready for seasonal presents, but again I bought these for myself, well, the blog, obviously.

The smell of coffee is really quite strong once the box is opened, they smelled amazing. I gave one a try and it reminded me of the flavour of smooth but rich coffee creams, absolutely gorgeous. Then the caramel bits kicked in with a lovely burnt sugar flavour. Oh gosh, I know I’m biased but these are amazing. I’m going to have to stock up! Two days in a row I’ve found new favourites.

Matchmakers Caramel Coffee


Anonymous said...

Do they contain caffeine as I have a caffeine allergy

cinabar said...

They have 'natural flavourings' listed may well include coffee so probably best to avoid - sorry. The Tesco grocery section lists the ingredients. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/309750923

Unknown said...

All Chocolate (cocoa) has caffeine in it

cinabar said...

Did not know that, knew it was in tea and coffee (obviously) but guess I didn't associate it with anything else.