9 September 2022

Maltesers Dark 65% (Asda) By @Cinabar

Maltesers Dark 65%

Today has been another sad and sombre day here in the UK, following the sad news of the passing of the queen yesterday. Watching King Charles' speech this evening did bring a tear to the eye, you don’t have to be the biggest royalist to understand the pain of a man losing his mom.

I opened up this bag of Maltesers Dark this evening, while catching up on the latest news from the events. The first thing I noted was that they were very dark in colour, much more so than I had expected. The flavour is of very dark chocolate too. The flavour of the crunchy malt filling does bring sweetness, but this is still about the dark chocolate. They have 35% less sugar too. I liked them, I thought they worked well. They didn’t make the news any happier, but I guess that wasn’t in their remit. 

Maltesers Dark 65%


zeddy said...

I usually like anything with dark chocolate but these didn't work for me.
So disappointed. I think the bitterness overpowers the inner malteser.
I'd rather they had the semisweet dark choc in a Mars Midnight.

Mevrouw Niekje said...

I hope they come to the Netherlands too, I find the normal Maltesers a little too sweet and I expect I would really like these!