16 September 2022

Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps (A Taste of the States) By @Cinabar

Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps

What kind of crazy is this? Cola flavoured crisps, yes that is potato and cola, I don’t even know what to think. On one hand I am crazy about new flavours, but on the other, this one felt a bit bizarre. The bags of crisps are big too, almost sharing size, but I guess it is supposed to be one large portion for one.

I opened up the pack of Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps and the aroma was very much cola, they were sweet scented. I gave one a try and the taste is just like the fizzy cola bottle sweets you get in the pick n mix. They are very sweet, and very much cola and they have that element of sour sweets too. What I didn’t expect was that the crisps would actually be fizzy. They fizzed not like popping candy, but they were super tingly. This made me smile, which is a good thing.

Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps

I couldn’t decide if I liked them or not, but I finished the bag, which I think means they weren’t bad. I don’t think you could make a crisp with the intention of flavouring it with fizzy cola bottle sweets any better than this offering from Tayto, so on that they succeeded. Would you fancy giving these Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps a try?

Tayto Fizzy Cola Crisps


zeddy said...

Did you wash them down with a can of cheese and onion Coke? ;-)

cinabar said...

Be careful what you wish for :-D